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Innovative Technology

The R&D team of Yuhua Company is composed of digital plastics experts. It introduces well-known scholars at home and abroad, combines the latest international engineering plastics technology and modern management with market demand, and closely carries out research and development, production, sales and service around the needs of customers. We provide tailor-made products and solutions for our customers, and continuously develop high-quality products to meet the needs of domestic and foreign markets.

Quality management

Through years of implementation and improvement of the ISO9000:2008 quality assurance system, the company has ensured that the product quality of Yuhua has been stable and reliable for a long time. The products have replaced many foreign similar materials and created huge benefits for customers.

Yuhua has modern and efficient management, advanced formula technology, excellent production equipment and testing equipment, strict quality control system and professional technical service team, so we can provide the most cost-effective products and enhance the competitiveness of customers.

  • Suggestions
    "Listening to the voice of customers and sincerely serving customers" is the consistent pursuit of Yanhua. In order to continuously improve the quality of service, we have been accepting all kinds of complaints and suggestions.

Perfect production testing equipment

  • 国二排放形式许可 National 2 emission form license ISO质量体系认证 ISO quality certification GS国际认证 GSInternational Certification CE国际认证 CE International Certification3C认证 3C Certification

  • 国二排放形式许可
  • ISO质量体系认证
  • GS国际认证
  • CE国际认证
  • 3C认证
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